17 июля 2024
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Ostrov Kipr Travel Guide 

Ostrov Kipr Travel Guide is a travel and tourism website for Russian-speaking visitors to Cyprus. It covers everything that tourists need i.e. where to stay, where to eat, what to see, what to do in Cyprus. It is for Russian-speaking tourists of any ages and interests – for young and old people, for couples and families with children, for the sportsmen and women. It has lot of information about Cyprus geography, climate, history and culture. It contains information about the main places of interest in Cyprus and includes a database of local tourism-related businesses.

A lot of Cypriot companies are represented in our site at the moment. Among them there are hotels, restaurants, cafes, taverns, car rentals, photographers, real estate companies, English language courses, spa and beauty salons, night clubs, fitness clubs, bowling centers, entertainment centers, windsurfing and diving centers, souvenir shops.

Ostrov Kipr Travel Guide contains:
Отели Кипра

accommodation in Cyprus,

hotels, apartments, campings, houses and villas,
property to let and to buy

Достопримечательности Кипра

the main places of interest in Cyprus,

including museums and galleries, churches and monasteries, archaeological parks,
monuments and memorials, wineries

Пляжи Кипра

the best Cypriot beaches:

crowded or lonely, for large groups of friends or for families with children,
for water sports and boating, for beach volleyball, beach football and beach tennis

Активный отдых на Кипре

a wide variety of Cyprus outdoor activities :

hiking, cycling, horse riding, rock climbing, diving, skiing, go-carting, fishing, bird watching

Семейный отдых

the places to visit for families with children in Cyprus:

water parks, adventure parks, zoological gardens, picnic sites

Молодежный отдых

the best places to go for young people in Cyprus:

nightclubs, bars, beach parties

Магазины Кипра

shopping in Cyprus:

supermarkets, malls, stores, gift shops

Транспорт на Кипре

car rentals and taxi companies in Cyprus 

Training camps and sporting holidays in Cyprus 

training camps and sporting holidays in Cyprus:

volleyball, football, basketball, rugby, tennis, badminton, swimming, water polo, cycling, athletics, gymnastics, dancing

университеты Кипра

studying in Cyprus,

learning English in Cyprus

Паломнические туры

sacred sites and religious places in Cyprus

Греческий язык

Greek Language:

Russian-Greek phrasebook, Greek lessons for beginners


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